"Practically Brilliant" Talent Hiring Solutions

"Practically Brilliant" Talent Hiring Solutions

"Practically Brilliant" Talent Hiring Solutions"Practically Brilliant" Talent Hiring Solutions"Practically Brilliant" Talent Hiring Solutions

pplumm enables talent and companies to achieve their full potential

Our Experience

Over the past 15 years our team has delivered talent hiring strategies to for global, national and local businesses. Helping them meet the changing demands of their workforce environments

Why Us?

We know that the acquisition and retention of talent is key to business and personal success. We take the time to make sure we get he right fit.  We provide customized resourcing strategies to meet our client’s talent hiring needs to close their talent gaps; enabling them to deliver on their business  

IT Solutions


IT Solutions


Your business needs technology to stay ahead, and we provide the people who make technology possible.

Our small niche team has over two decades of working experience with technology leaders and we know that every client is unique. That’s why when you partner with PPLUMM you will find a customized approach for all your technology objectives. Whether you are looking for a few resources for a short-term assignment, an end to end project deliverable or expert consulting, we have a solution to fit your need. 

Our technology recruiters are skilled at sourcing both active and passive candidates.

Don’t let identifying and acquiring the right talent act as a distraction when delivering on IT projects that support your key business strategies. Focus on your core initiatives while we deliver the right talent. Talk to our information technology talent consultants and they will create the right solution for your business. 

From short-term contracts to full-time hires we provide qualified candidates across a wide range of technologies. Some of the recently placed resources:

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